Course Open, No Trolleys, No Exemptions (updated 27 January at 07:24)
150 Club

150 Club




SGC Member/Staff and their Husband/Wife/Partner ONLY eligible to participate.

£25 Annual Entry Fee per person refunds.

Participant’s number/s will be independently drawn, allocated, and advised when 150 are paid and registered.

6 Prize Draw Evenings per year in Clubhouse..1st to 5th cash prizes per Draw Bonus Prize (see Prize Draw Payouts Sheet)....Christmas Draw DOUBLE amount ....dates of Draws will be advised and posted in advance.

All Cash Prizes will be paid on night of Draw or will be available for collection from Pro Shop/ Office at a convenient future time.

BONUS Prize** Can ONLY be claimed  if “The Winner is personally in the Clubhouse” at time of Draw, if not, then the Bonus amount will roll over until won by an attending future 1st Prize Winner....see “Prize Draw Payouts” details on separate sheet.

ANNUAL RENEWALS... The following year’s subscription/s must be paid ONE CALENDAR MONTH prior to 1st Anniversary Start March 1st 2019 renewal by 1st February 2020 latest. ONE reminder only will be sent...No late payment/s will be accepted under any circumstances.

Members/Staff “already registered on waiting list” will be offered the number/s of those who do not enable the correct and consistent level of future prize fund to be maintained.

Your support is much appreciated and we are hopeful that a speedy take up in registering 150 will enable us to start around March 2018, and are sure these Draw Evenings will further enhance your “Social Scraptoft Experience”. 
Thank you, from all on the Social Committee.


1st Prize...    £192 
*Bonus ...      £62
2nd Prize...  £128
3rd Prize...    £81
4th Prize...    £49
5th Prize...    £32

*The Bonus can only be claimed if the person is in the Clubhouse at time of draw or it will roll over to the next Draw. 

DRAW in December... is DOUBLE. 
1st Prize ... £384
** Bonus... £124
2nd Prize... £256
3rd Prize...  £162
4th Prize...    £98
5th Prize...    £64 
** In December if the Bonus/s are not won then extra number/s will be drawn in £62 lots until ALL the money has been won. 
** Again these “Extra Bonus Draw/s” are only payable if the Winner/s are in the Clubhouse at time of draw.