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Dress Code


Be Properly Attired

The requirements regarding dress both within the clubhouse and on the course must be strictly observed. Anybody found to be breaking the Dress Code will be denied access onto the Golf Course or into the Clubhouse.

On the Course 


Conventional golfing attire

Tailored shirts with collar

Shirts specifically designed for golf

Collarless shirts with sleeves (Ladies)

Sleeveless shirts with collars (Ladies)

Tailored shorts with either white sports socks or single coloured knee length socks

Not Acceptable

Any denim material

Rugby or football shirts

Tee shirts and clothing with slogans

Shirts worn outside trousers

Trousers tucked in socks

Non tailored shorts


All other non-golfing footwear

Adizero Golf Shoes

In and Around the Clubhouse


Conventional golfing attire

Smart casual dress

Smart denim wear (no ripped or dirty jeans)

Tailored shorts

Not Acceptable

Headgear of any kind (unless being worn on religious grounds)

Beach style flip flops

Golfing footwear

Wet or soiled clothing

Waterproof clothing


Social Golf
Smart Casual dress is acceptable at all times.

Presentation of Prizes

All recipients are expected to change from their playing attire, unless otherwise stated.

Mobile Phones

These are not to be used on the Course, in the Bar, in the Dining Area or on the Patio.

Example of Correct Clothing
Scraptoft Golf Club Green Fee Offer

Please Note

that you are expected to dress in a manner that is acceptable to all, and which does not in any way offend or upset fellow members.

As a general rule, smart casual dress is expected at all times.



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